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Formed in 2018 from a decade-long camaraderie, Chango Monks is a vibrant blend of cultures and styles, featuring two Canadians, two Swedes, and a Swiss. Stationed at the crossroads of the past and the present, our music pays homage to the eclectic spirit of the 80s, weaving through the realms of classic rock, heavy metal, and psychedelic funk.

Not bound by any single genre, Chango Monks delivers an electrifying mix of sounds. From the heavy riffs of metal to the rhythmic pulses of funk, topped with a psychedelic twist, our music is crafted to make you turn up the volume and hit repeat. Our debut EP, released on January 1, 2023, captures this essence and is just a taste of what we have in store.

A Chango Monks show is an explosion of energy and laughter. We thrive on the thrill of live performance, ensuring that every concert is filled with dynamic rhythms that compel you to dance, jump, and maybe join in a pogo. With lyrics that blend humor with melody, and a stage presence that’s all about good vibes, our performances are crafted to entertain and engage, deserving of prime-time slots at any venue.

Currently, we're laying down tracks for our upcoming album, expected to drop before this summer. With our self-run label and the Chango Temple Studio as our creative sanctuary, we continue to push the boundaries of our sound. As we gear up for more gigs and fresh material, our goal remains steadfast: to bring the soul of rock back to the forefront of music.

For first-timers and long-time fans alike, Chango Monks promises a musical experience that's fresh yet familiar, serious about fun, and endlessly replayable. Dive into our world—where every note counts and every song is a call to let loose and enjoy the ride.



Jesse Peveril


Daniel Peveril


Clément Barral


Dennis Kjellqvist


Mats Kjellqvist



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